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Microsoft Outlook Disruption Could Be A DDoS Attack

Microsoft reports again a partial outage of the Microsoft 365 service. Among other things, Outlook is affected. The problems have been going on for almost 24 hours – now there are increasing rumors that it could be a DDoS attack.

That is not confirmed. Microsoft is currently talking about irregularities in the well-known Microsoft 365 services, which include Outlook, teams, and Office applications.

The group is investigating the ongoing outage, which is disrupting access to web applications such as Excel Online and other online services worldwide. according to the report, the first problems were on Monday and were then initially considered solved early Tuesday morning. Microsoft reported, among other things, on Twitter in the status updates that “availability has reached a healthy level again”. One was therefore convinced that the cause had been found and rectified.

The Microsoft 365 team also announced that increased monitoring is ongoing and they are in the middle of investigating the root cause.

However, it still sounded different for those affected: There were more and more reports on the Internet from users who could not access emails, log in or perform other actions in a Microsoft 365 application. Now, around 7 p.m., Microsoft has again reported a growing disruption. It now reads:

“We have seen the impact returning and are taking further remedial action. Telemetry shows a reduction in impact compared to previous iterations due to previously applied remedial action.”

Rumor: “Anonymous Sudan” is blackmailing Microsoft

This message fuels further rumors that Microsoft is not looking for an internal problem, but is being attacked from outside. There are wild rumors about this on the Internet – they say the hacker group “Anonymous Sudan” is blackmailing Microsoft and demanding $1 million from the company. These hackers are also said to have recently attacked Scandinavian Airlines’ networks.

Microsoft has not answered the rumors yet;

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