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Microsoft Paint Might Be Ended Soon In The Next Windows 10 Update

According to the Microsoft News the iconic application “Microsoft Paint” has been placed in “deprecated” items which mean it could be removed from windows 10 Fall Creators update which is scheduled to be released later this year.

The Microsoft Paint was first launched in November 1985 with the first version of Windows called Windows 1.0, originally a licensed software from ZSoft cooperation named “PC paintbrush” the software kids love on their laptops and tablets is now have to depart.

It became more popular with Windows 98 when users would be able to save images in JPEG format.

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As Microsoft has already unveiled Paint 3D last year, the paint is not going anywhere but changed. A newer version of paint would be released in the next windows 10 update which is more advanced and the ability to create 3D images.

Other features include; Outlook Express and the reader app. Paint is still a handy app for many users and kids, simplicity is the reason, it is so popular among users, however, there are many applications in the market which are much more advanced like; Adobe Photoshop.

It is not confirmed yet when the fall update of Windows 10 would be released nor will the Paint app be ditched. But the news about the possibility of Paint being distinguished is rather true. The new MS Paint 3D may not be identical to its predecessor or have more complicated user interface is yet to be experienced.