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Apple Siri Movie Ad With Rock—Rocks On The Internet

Hollywood star Rock unveiled on Sunday that he and Apple together made a “short-movie” starring himself and Siri would be launched on Monday.

This is yet another marvelous piece of a short promotional movie from Apple which turns social media frenzy.

Apple has previously made an attempt which was successful by making an entire short-movie of 11 minutes with iPhone’s video camera. Michael Gondry, director of “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind” shot this movie on Apple iPhone, Apple released this movie on their official YouTube Channel in the beginning of July, if you haven’t watched it yet, Watch Apple Movie Here.

The new Apple movie promoting Siri is quite short, only three minutes but it features some powerful events on the screen, the movie titled “The Rock X Siri Dominate the Day” Rocks on the internet for the day literally. The movie is close to 1 million views in just one day which is not over yet, and that is only on Apple’s official account, the views coming from other sources might have crossed 1.5 million views.

Rock in the movie is a busy guy who gets help from Siri to guide him through the day, Siri assists him in different ways such as; telling him the weather updates, reading his email, texting for him.

But here is the caution, don’t ask Siri a question about the experience working with Rock in the movie, she has no idea how she worked with Rock and what to say about it.