Microsoft pushes Paint with a dark mode

In 1985, Microsoft debuted the Paint program, and since then it has been an integral part of the Windows experience. The company has added several updates to Paint over the years in order to keep it working with Windows. As per recent pieces of information, the company has rolled out a dark mode for Paint.

Globally, users prefer dark mode. For this reason, companies are bound to introduce dark themes. Elon Musk even planned to remove Twitter’s light mode, but he later changed his mind. People seem to enjoy themselves more when the background is absolutely black or dark gray, for some reason.

Microsoft Paint receives a dark mode

The new dark mode for Paint comes with its own pros and cons. Thankfully, the new theme is available now. The top bar, the toolbar, and the canvas in the app will now present a dark gray background. Do note that the theme is not totally black. An OLED panel would look fantastic with a background that is all black.

Besides this, if you don’t prefer a dark theme, you can change it. Access the ‘X’ button that appears in the top right corner of the screen. Click on it and choose the preferred theme from the various options, i.e., light, dark, or system. Selecting the system option will automatically change the mode based on the theme you apply to the system.

Do note that the dark mode is only supported with Windows 11 so you need to upgrade your system in order to use it. There are possibly fewer chances that the company will roll out the feature to Windows 10 users. It’s good to see the company introducing updates to its program that was introduced 40 years ago.

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