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Microsoft Releases Roadmap For Flight Simulator

After various sim and world updates in winter and spring, Microsoft is now giving an outlook on the upcoming developments of Flight Simulator. The new roadmap for summer 2023 promises, among other things, a city update for France and a surprise.

While the Asobo Studio has already been able to add graphic fresh cell treatments for New Zealand ( World Update 12 ) and Oceania / Antarctica ( World Update 13 ) regions this year, the developers do not seem to be taking a breather toward summer. In May, the new roadmap does not provide for any new updates for Flight Simulator, while a city update for the sights in French cities and World Update 14 (Czech Republic) are planned for June and July.

At the same time, more classic aircraft (Local Legends and Famous Flyers) will be added to the game and a second “Aircraft & Avionics” update (AAU) will be carried out, which is intended to improve the flight behavior of various aircraft and eliminate associated bugs. Among other things, the team is concentrating on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. A public AAU-2 beta will be made available in the near future.

Players should expect more

For July and August 2023, Microsoft is announcing, among other things, a surprise in its roadmaps. It is still unclear whether this is World Update 14 (probable region: Czech Republic), the release of which was postponed from the end of May to July 11th. In the developer live stream on Twitch, those responsible also explain that another city update is also planned for July and that Sim update 13 will follow in August.

Microsoft Flight Simulator players already agree on what they want. Among other things, the amateur pilots voted for the implementation of a replay function, a multiplayer mode with a shared cockpit (co-pilot), and the integration of seasons. So it will be interesting to see what innovations are hidden behind the surprise.