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Xbox Game Pass Now Offers Free 14-day Access To invited Friends

After the end of the 1 euro access for new Xbox Game Pass customers, Microsoft is now introducing its new refer-a-friend system. Users of the game flat rate can invite up to five friends and give them a 14-day test account for the PC Game Pass.

At the end of March, the Redmond company announced that it would stop the cheap introductory offer for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the PC Game Pass and think about future marketing campaigns. Previously, new customers could book the flat rate for Xbox and PC games for just one euro in the first month. In the meantime, even three months were almost free. From now on you will only receive reduced conditions from and for your friends.

Is this how you win over new PC players?

Players with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass subscription now have the option to invite five friends and give them a trial account. However, this only applies to the PC Game Pass and only if friends have not yet created a Game Pass account. In addition, the trial period is only 14 days, comparable to the well-known promotional cards that once accompanied almost every physical title and the Xbox console itself.

To give PC Game Pass to friends, there is a new “Give PC Game Pass” button in the appropriate game plan menus within the Xbox Dashboard or Xbox app on Windows. Currently, Bethesda’s new first-person shooter Redfall should ensure that new players take a closer look at the Game Pass. It remains to be seen whether 14 days will be sufficient for this. At the end of the test period, at least EUR 9.99 per month will be charged if the subscription is not canceled in good time.

Here is the Tip: Discord Nitro members will find trial access in their gift inventory that even applies to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and grants two months of free access. Approximately: KKYKF-PRM9H-JRXR2-VCHJH-QRTMZ (first come, deadline served.)

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