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Microsoft Removes Harmful Extensions From The Web Store To Protect Edge

Web Store Extensions

The add-ons store for Microsoft Edge can attract more and more developers. But the larger a download platform gets, the more unwanted applications can be found there. Now Microsoft has cleaned up and banished malicious extensions from the store.

Although the large browsers Edge, Firefox and Chrome support dark mode, many websites do not yet provide support for this. Therefore, extensions that promise users to display each page in a dark design are particularly popular. Attackers take advantage of this and provide add-ons with malicious code. In one case, the malicious script was provided in the form of a coded image. The extension forged forms and sent collected data on.

As Techdows reports, a developer has analyzed the malicious extensions and submitted suggestions on how to quickly scan and find such malicious code. Now Microsoft seems to have implemented the suggestions and deleted many of the unwanted apps from the Edge Add-ons Store.

Users can rate add-ons

As is the case with other platforms such as the Chrome Web Store or the Add-Ons Store for Firefox, users can rate the extensions made available in the Edge Add-ons Store. To do this, the extension must be downloaded and installed. A low average rating indicates that an add-on could only be a spam application.

Microsoft is not the only provider to combat malware and spam applications. It was recently announced that Google will make changes to its web store policy. This is to combat spam extensions.

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