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Microsoft Renames Xbox Live Online Service To ‘Xbox Network’

Tom Warren editor of The Verge recently tweeted that Microsoft has officially launched a change during the Xbox Insider test period to all Xbox users. Specifically, the Xbox Live online service, which started in the early Xbox period of 2002, has now been officially renamed Xbox Network. However, a Microsoft spokesperson explained in a statement that this change will not affect existing Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

The statement reads: “Xbox Live specifically refers to an online service provided by Microsoft to Xbox players, and relevant updates have been explained in the “Microsoft Service Agreement”.

The reason for changing Xbox Live to Xbox Network is to better distinguish basic services from Xbox Live Gold membership.

OnMSFT pointed out that the Xbox Live online service, which started in 2002, has truly realized the standardization of online games/voice communication on the host platform.

Later, this service was also extended to Windows PC/mobile devices, and it is still available for free. At the same time, Microsoft also hopes to further promote the Xbox Live Gold subscription service for players willing to pay.

As early as August 2020, Microsoft has updated its service agreement. At the time, the company said that the change was designed to distinguish between basic services and Xbox Live Gold membership subscriptions, and the content available to both has not been affected in any way.

Fast forward to January 2021, when Microsoft tried to increase the subscription price of the Xbox Live Gold service. However, due to strong opposition from the majority of players, the price adjustment plan was forced to be withdrawn within a few hours.

In addition, Microsoft also said: Although the premium subscription service has not disappeared, free games on Xbox consoles will no longer require Xbox Live Gold subscriptions later this year. This move is clearly against rival Sony Entertainment’s PSN online service.