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Dojo: Tesla Builds Super Computer 5th Most Powerful In The World

Tesla Dojo

Despite having some shortcomings in the past, Tesla has been promising full autonomy for its vehicles for years, but Elon Musk’s Full Self Driving (FSD) is still a long way off. Tesla definitely wants to achieve this goal, and a new supercomputer should also help.

Tesla’s self-driving plans are anything but a secret, but there is still a long way to go – even if Elon Musk repeatedly promises publicly that it will soon be there. Now the company has unveiled a new supercomputer, which is currently the fifth most powerful of its kind in the world. As Electrek reports, according to Tesla plans this is “only” the forerunner of the upcoming and even more powerful supercomputer called Dojo.

“Trainer” for autopilot and FSD

The Tesla supercomputers also have a stated goal, namely to train the neural networks of the current autopilot assistance function as well as the future artificial intelligence, which is to take over driving completely. The supercomputers are supposed to collect and process all the data that is already being recorded by the Tesla vehicles. This is already a huge amount of data, which also requires a correspondingly huge amount of computing power.

Elon Musk has teased the Dojo project again and again in the past that this supercomputer should one day achieve a performance of an ExaFLOP – that is, a trillion (10 ^ 18) floating-point operations per second. Tesla has been working on Dojo for years and Elon Musk recently indicated that this supercomputer could be ready by the end of the year.

Until then, Tesla has to be content with the current supercomputer (cluster), which was presented by AI boss Andrej Karpathy at the 2021 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. This consists of 720 8x A100 80GB nodes (a total of 5760 GPUs), 1.8 EFLOPS, 10 PB NVMe storage and has a switching capacity of 640 TB/s.

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