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Microsoft Restricts OneDrive Support To iOS 15 and 16 Only


The cloud synchronization service OneDrive can soon no longer be used in connection with old iOS and iPadOS versions. Microsoft has announced that only versions 15 and 16 of Apple’s mobile operating systems will be supported in the future.

Anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad and is still using an older iOS or iPadOS build should therefore install the latest available version of the operating system. At the moment, OneDrive can still run on iOS and iPadOS 14. Since the two Apple mobile environments are compatible with most smartphone and tablet manufacturers, the limitation should only affect relatively few users, as long as the software on the iPhone or iPad is regularly updated.

WEF Known Yet

According to the details, there is currently no date released for the With-Effect-From (WEF) of this change. Therefore, iOS & iPadOS 14 users can continue to use the service on their devices for the time being. However, more extensive updates should no longer appear. As soon as support is discontinued, affected iPad and iPhone owners can use third-party apps that can communicate with the OneDrive interface.

Microsoft’s cloud service celebrated its 15th birthday a few months ago. With the service, it is possible to automatically synchronize files across devices and thus keep them up to date everywhere. Since Apple offers its own solution for this, OneDrive is particularly suitable for users who have a computer with the Redmond operating systems Windows 10 or 11 in parallel with their iPhone or iPad.

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