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Microsoft starts text highlighting to PowerPoint for iOS after receiving many requests

A month after adding two powerful new features to PowerPoint for iPad users, Microsoft announced yet another new capability for iOS. In a blog post, Microsoft shared that PowerPoint for iPads and iPhones now allows users to highlight any text in a text box, table, or shape on their PowerPoint slides.

Microsoft says that it added text highlighting capability to PowerPoint because many users wanted it on their iPads and iPhones. Not only will PowerPoint allow iOS users to highlight any text, but it will also let users undo any highlighting that others have added. All this was previously not possible on iOS.

Text highlighting in PowerPoint is as simple as it sounds. iPhone users can select the text they want to highlight and tap on the Highlight button in the toolbar above the keyboard. It also gives multiple color options to highlight your text, as can be seen in the images below.

For iPad users, you can tap the Highlight option on the ribbon under the Home tab. And just like iPhone users, you can also pick up the color of your choice to highlight from the pop-up menu.

The ability to highlight any text is available only to Office Insiders running version 2.63 (Build 22062602) or later. It’s normal if you’re running the said version but haven’t received the feature yet. This is because it’s rolling out in a phased manner to slowly reach larger numbers of Insiders.

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