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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Prototype Appears

Surface Duo 2

Images have now appeared that apparently show a prototype of the Surface Duo 2. The Surface Duo “2” – let’s just call it that – should probably come onto the market this year, if Microsoft’s plans don’t change spontaneously again and the device is pushed into the storeroom of the Redmond product planning department. The photos published by a YouTuber named “Tech Rat” give hope for the opposite, as they show a new Surface Duo that differs significantly from the original in some details.

It looks like the product will again come with two hinge-connected screens and thus offer a special multitasking experience. What is particularly noticeable about the device is the camera bulge on the back, which Microsoft deliberately omitted from the first-generation model. Apparently, they want to integrate a decent camera module that combines three sensors with an LED flash next to them.

With this, the second-generation Surface Duo loses a feature that was special on the first model: the displays can no longer be seamlessly folded 180 degrees on top of one another if you only want to use one of the two screens. Apart from the new camera module with three sensors and a thick “hump”, the displays are likely to be a bit larger and therefore almost filling. In addition, Microsoft is probably planning a model with a matt black exterior in addition to the white version available so far.

There is likely to be a lot more going on under the hood, because Microsoft wants the Snapdragon 888, at least according to the leak that has just taken place from Qualcomm’s current high-end range, which is combined with plenty of RAM and internal flash memory. This means that the second Surface Duo would bring 5G ex-works for the first time and would also be up to date in terms of specifications. We do not yet know when and at what prices the device will be launched. Most recently, October was one of the topics discussed.