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Apple To Bring Face ID To All devices Including Macs And iPads

Apple’s ultimate goal should be to offer its Face ID cameras not only in iPhones and iPads, but also in Macs and other devices. Many experts are currently assuming this. In a few years, history recognition should overtake the fingerprint.

Face ID, introduced in September 2017 together with the iPhone X, has been featured in all flagships of the iPhone portfolio for almost four years and has also been used in the iPad Pro since the third generation (2018). The often well-informed Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman responded in a Q&A session of his newsletter “Power on” to the question of whether and when Apple will completely turn away from the older Touch ID technology and the associated fingerprint sensor in favor of Face ID.

Gurman’s Response for Apple Face ID:

I think the implementation of Face ID in all major devices is the ultimate goal of the company. If it were possible, Apple would have got rid of Touch ID. But it had to be kept for several reasons. On the iPhone SE and the non-Pros -iPads are a cheaper alternative that allows Apple to save costs while still providing security. Mac laptops have screens too thin to implement the necessary depth sensor.

Apart from the technical conditions and the question of costs, there are voices that see Face ID as a kind of luxury feature of the upscale iPhone and iPad class. Gurman, on the other hand, sees a further differentiation in the future. All models, including the inexpensive iPhone SE, could have Face ID, while the iPhone (Pro) series stand out from the upper iOS middle class with technologies such as sub-display cameras or a disappearing notch including a punch-hole design could. Different Face ID classifications could also be established in MacBooks and iMacs.

“It’s not going to happen this year, but I would bet Face ID on the Mac will come within a couple of years. I expect all iPhones and iPads to switch to Face ID within that timeframe,” concludes Gurman.

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