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Microsoft Surface Duo Initial Price Leaks

Surface Duo

Microsoft’s new Surface Duo is about to release and now the first information on the price of the dual-screen smartphone is available. One leak speaks of at least 1400 US dollars, which could be due for the “foldable” with Google Android.

The rumors surrounding the launch and the accessories of the Microsoft Surface Duo condense and already confirmed this week by the Redmond company. But interested parties still owe the final technical details and, above all, the price. At least the latter is now leaked if you trust in the past reliable @samsungbloat on Twitter. This not only published pictures of the possible scope of delivery of the Android smartphone with a hinged dual-screen but also initial information on the prices.

Cheaper than the foldable from Samsung and Huawei

At first glance, the price from 1400 US dollars seems too high considering the previous specification leaks. But even the folding smartphones of the competition have a lot to offer in terms of price. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, for example, is expected for 2400 dollars, while the Huawei Mate Xs currently costs over 2800 dollars. However, these are also real foldable, whose flexible display technology requires a higher investment than is the case with the Microsoft Surface Duo with two separate screens.

It remains unclear whether “SamsungBloat” is talking about the price of the single device or a possible Surface Duo bundle, which could appear together with a stylus (pen), special bumper cover, and the Surface EarBuds. Finally, there is speculation about the technical specification of the Android smartphone.  According to the current status, the device will be equipped with two 5.6-inch OLED displays, each with 1800 x 1350 pixels, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip, 6GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of flash memory. Likewise, you can only count on a simple 11-megapixel camera and a 3460mAh battery.

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