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Microsoft Surface Neo Launch Date Is Probably Postponed

Surface Neo

Microsoft has now made it unmistakably clear that the announced Surface Neo will no longer be launched this year: the corresponding reference to the start at the end of the year has been removed from the website.

So you can say that the rumors of the last week have been confirmed. The group hadn’t said it exactly, but the schedule for the Surface Neo simply cannot be kept. Basically, it was suspected, because Microsoft had stated, among other things, that the new Windows 10X would initially be started for single-screen devices. That was already in May. The announcement sparked speculation as to whether there would be problems with the completion of the Neo and to what extent the customization of Windows would become a problem. After all, realigning a device with two displays is a real challenge for the operating system.

Distraction started

But there were also completely different tips. For one thing, Surface developer chief Panos Panay suddenly showed up strikingly often with a Surface Duo to show that the device could already be completed. On the other hand, nothing was said directly about the Surface Neo project, although this is surely expected by many users with much more excitement than the Android-operated folding smartphone from Microsoft.

No new appointment in sight

Due to an update of the information page for the Surface Neo, the reference to the targeted market launch at Christmas time has disappeared. The schedule has not been updated but simply deleted. Both new folding surface devices were presented in October 2019. Since no timely release date was promised at that time, few experts probably expected that Microsoft could not meet the targeted market starts.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of open communication, so that the only question now is whether hardware, software, or corona-related delivery problems have thwarted the plans.

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