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Microsoft To Change The Way Windows 10 Is Updated

Windows 10 update

Microsoft is actively working on the performance and security of Windows 10 the latest OS of Microsoft which now powers almost half of the computers worldwide. The company is working to change the way windows 10 is updated, making it easier, manageable and tractable.

The window is creating a new screen that gives full control over driver updates.

If you actively press the Update button in Windows, you get updates delivered before everyone else, but what do you get and should you actually deliver the update at all? No, Microsoft thinks that it is now changing the testing strategy and making it easier to keep track of them.

Microsoft makes it easier in upcoming April 10 update of Windows 10

In the upcoming April major update of the OS, Microsoft has finally included a new menu that organizes all of these updates in one place.

Driver updates to the hardware, major updates such as the April update (20H1) and monthly updates that do not fall under the security category will be listed there.

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According to HowToGeek, the OS will still automatically update the hardware, but if they are not installed automatically, all will soon find the same location.

Microsoft’s Update Strategy

Another improvement concerns the overall quality testing strategy. From April, Microsoft will gradually roll out the first updates to a smaller group of very active Windows users to see if they report problems, and then roll out to a wider user group that uses the machines less and may also be more vulnerable in how they can deal with update errors in the event of recovery or reset situations.

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