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Microsoft To End Support For Windows 10 1809

Windows 1809

Microsoft has changed the development model of the Windows Package Manager. This means that there will soon be changes to the version numbers of the program. In addition, support for Windows 10 1809 will be discontinued. As part of the changeover, errors were also fixed.

Two days ago the developers released the new Winget version 11.0.11692. With the Windows Package Manager (Winget) it is possible to search for and download apps in a central directory. As has been the case with Linux for years, users have the option of installing and removing programs with one command. To do this, the instruction “Winget (un-) install” must be entered in the command line.

According to the report, the new Winget version not only brings some bug fixes but also a new development model. So far, the tool could be used on all PCs with at least Windows 10 version 1809. Support for the Windows 10 build rolled out at the end of 2018 is no longer available, so that at least the May 2019 update is required from now on.

Dev Releases For Insiders only

In addition, updates to the integrated app installer should also deliver new versions of Winget to users themselves. In the future, new development releases will only be offered to insiders. In order to receive the builds, one must either register for the Winget Insider Program or be registered in the Dev-Channel of the Windows Insider Program. Service releases are made available to all insiders in the beta channel. Only insiders can access the release candidates in the release preview channel.

If you want to read more details about the changes, you should take a look at the current release notes for the Windows Package Manager. Winget is an open-source tool and can be downloaded from the official GitHub repository downloaded and installed. In the future, the application could also be available in the Microsoft Store.