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Microsoft To Get Windows 11 ISO Leaked Files Deleted

Microsoft is trying to mitigate the “PR disaster” with the Windows 11 build that is available in advance on the Internet. The group can no longer take back what the media have already reported about the upcoming Windows – but now they want to delete links to the build.

This is reported by Neowin, among others, and refers to a so-called DMCA complaint submitted by Microsoft. One such DMCA complaint is about copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Microsoft is now trying to use the copyright club to hold the pages responsible that had published the internal Windows 11 version and offer the ISO for download.

DMCA complaints to Google

As far as is currently known, Microsoft has issued DMCA complaints to Google through various regional agents around the world, urging the search giant to remove links to results that contain articles from publications with links to the ISO files. In the complaint itself, the company confirms the name Windows 11, and also that it is a pre-release version of the “unreleased Windows 11” operating system.

At the beginning of the week, a Windows 11 ISO for Build 21996.1 from May leaked. How the ISO first managed Microsoft’s way to a Chinese website has not yet been clarified and should still cause stress in Redmond, because everything points to a leak in the Windows team. On Thursday, June 24th, Microsoft will definitely bring more light into the dark and present a current version of Windows 11 at the announced Windows event. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft boss Satya Nadella will also address the leak.