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Microsoft Under Investigation After Chinese Hackers Attack

The fact that Microsoft has to face criticism that the group deals irresponsibly with security gaps is not new. Now, according to a report, US Homeland Security has launched an investigation into Microsoft’s role in the attack by Chinese hackers.

Investigation against Microsoft

This is reported by Bloomberg and thus confirms that the so-called Cyber ​​Safety Review Board of the CISA is conducting an official investigation against Microsoft. Microsoft has been in the crosshairs of this US cyber probe after leaks of government officials’ email accounts were revealed.

An important question is to what extent Microsoft made the break-in into government systems possible in the first place – some politicians believe that the company has left the ministries in the dark about possible attacks. In addition, the group is said to have tried to cover up weaknesses and only reacted much too late.

Risks for the cloud

As Bloomberg reports, the cybersecurity review panel will focus on the risks to cloud computing infrastructure.

According to a Department of Homeland Security official quoted by Bloomberg, the panel will look at identity and authentication management and examine all relevant cloud service providers — including other companies.

Public interest in Microsoft’s cybersecurity practices is not new. Recently, the company has faced increasing criticism from computer security experts and government agencies who questioned the adequacy of measures taken to protect customers from security breaches.

Stolen Signature

One of the well-known security incidents used a Microsoft signing key, which allowed the hackers to break into the networks and gain access to the officers’ emails.

It is unclear what consequences the investigation could have. In response to the recent incidents, Microsoft pledged to make critical security logs available to all licensees of the company’s cloud services starting in September to tighten cybersecurity measures.

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