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Microsoft Working On AI-Based Solution To Windows Update Problems

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According to an insider report, Microsoft is working on an AI-based improvement of the rollout process for driver updates. The aim is to identify problematic Windows updates more quickly and then to be able to intervene quickly.

While many Microsoft hardware partners have been working for a long time with new feedback functions to improve their driver updates for Windows, up to now one has often had the feeling that Microsoft is doing worse than better: We had to do it too often in the last Months of reports that the Windows update function was used to deliver incorrect drivers, which caused massive problems. The last time there was such a mess with Intel drivers was in September. These were randomly distributed to AMD users via the Windows update function, which could lead to the computers getting stuck in an endless loop during the boot process.

The aim is to quickly identify problematic updates

But now there should be a remedy soon. According to the report, Microsoft has worked with partners to identify problematic updates more quickly.

AI should control rollout       

Microsoft had already introduced some fundamental changes in the update process itself and, for example, a clearer, more understandable display. In addition, Microsoft had already confirmed at the beginning of the year that it would “pull apart” the gradual rollout process for driver updates in order to identify problems with smaller parts and to be able to react quickly. Now it goes even further: The process is to be expanded to include machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This is intended to reduce disruptions, as the AI ​​should learn to track down errors before they are confirmed in relevant quantities by user feedback. The update releases are already delivered to hardware clusters and combinations that are highly active and therefore also representative and can deliver quick results. With the help of a new AI / ML strategy, according to Windows Latest, Microsoft will now differentiate this distribution even more.

According to Windows Latest sources, Microsoft is now considering a new AI/ML model to test popular drivers on more hardware, software, and driver combinations. This could significantly reduce Windows 10 update problems caused by new or existing drivers.