Microsoft Working On Its Own Gamers Chat Platform After Failing To Acquire Discord

After the failed takeover of Discord, Microsoft is now working on its own chat platform for gamers. Based on teams, the “Play Together” app is intended as an extension for the Xbox Game Bar – with video chats and game streaming among friends.

Teams meet Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft is trying to put out feelers to further focus on gaming while attracting new users to the consumer version of Teams and the Xbox Game Bar. “Teams Play Together” is intended to be an alternative to Discord, but is initially limited to screen sharing or game streaming and voice calls for up to 20 people.

The new “app” is not an independent program, but an Xbox Game Bar extension. The widget also does not access the business contacts of the Microsoft Teams “Work or School” version, but only those of the free offshoot for the average consumer mentioned at the beginning.

No connection to the Xbox ecosystem

“Microsoft Teams Play Together” therefore only works as a pinnable overlay, for which a separate contact list must be maintained. The extension cannot access the friends linked to the Xbox app or the Microsoft account – much to the amazement of the target group addressed. Video chats can be shared with outsiders via a sharing link.

The Redmond-based company is not yet launching a real alternative to Discord, which is also free and already widespread among players, but they do indicate their goals. If you want to try the Xbox Game Bar extension, you can download “Teams Play Together” for Windows 10 and Windows 11 directly from the Microsoft Store.

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