New Office Default Theme Is Ready From September

For 10 years, Office has had a standard theme that regulates the color and design of all elements. Detachment is coming soon. Starting next month, a new layout and default font will be rolled out for all Microsoft 365 users.

The adjustments are currently still being tested with insiders, and in a month all users should be able to enjoy a fresh cell cure for Microsoft’s Office apps. As the company explained in the presentation, the current Office theme has been in effect since 2013, and adjustments are now due for many elements. According to The Verge, these will start in September for all users.

According to Microsoft, the update intends to enable users to make documents even more “modern and accessible”. Among other things, the standard color palette has been significantly revised. The color yellow disappears from the selection, a dark turquoise is included in its place. In general, all colors appear more reserved.

The developers on the other adjustments that run through all Office applications: “We have increased the weights of the standard outlines, improved the consistency between shapes and lines, and added better contrast.”

After 15 years Ciao Calibri

Last but not least, Calibri will also be replaced as the default font starting next month. Microsoft had tested five replacement candidates with the users, and the “Bierstadt” font prevailed. Under the new name “Aptos” this will soon be present in all Office programs such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel.

If you can’t get used to all of these customizations, you can switch to the old Office theme (File > Options > General > Office Theme). Microsoft has renamed this to “Office Theme 2013 – 2022”, the new one is given the simple name “Office Theme”

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