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Microsoft’s cloud gaming brings Fortnite to Apple iPhones

In 2020, Epic Games sued Apple. The reason was that Fortnite was removed from the group’s store after Epic introduced its own payment option to avoid the “Apple tax”. Since then, playing Fortnite on iOS has not been easy. But now it gets easier. Epic Games’ case against Apple is now history in court, but that doesn’t mean Fortnite on iPhone and Co. is just as playable as before.

But with the help of the Redmond company, it’s now a little too much easier to play the Battle Royal shooter on iOS or iPadOS, as well as Android smartphones and tablets – of course, Windows PCs are supported too, but that would a few are actually interesting. Because Microsoft has announced that Fortnite is now available via streaming in the browser. This means Fortnite is playable on Apple devices in 26 countries, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Fortnite: free to play via streaming

The special thing about it: An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is not required for this, you only need a Microsoft account, an internet connection, and a suitable device. There is of course no installation either, as everything is streamed to the user’s end device. “Adding a free-to-play title to the cloud gaming catalog as we continue our journey to the cloud is an important step,” wrote Catherine Gluckstein, vice president and head of product, Xbox Cloud Gaming, in a blog post. “We’re starting with Fortnite and we’ll be making more free-to-play games in the future that people love.” Cloud streaming certainly has its drawbacks, as the entire game is streamed here and requires a correspondingly fast connection and sufficient mobile data volume, but for some Apple users, it could still be a good alternative to get Fortnite.