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Apple, Google, and Microsoft want FIDO Authentication Instead of passwords

Instead of continuing to conduct their own experiments, which often fail to produce overall progress, Apple, Google and Microsoft have now joined forces Agree, together to enforce an industry standard for passwordless logins. The three companies want to rely on a methodology developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). They will be incorporating it into some of their products in the coming months.

Above all, it is hoped that this will improve security for the numerous online accounts users interact with and which have been massively affected by credentials theft for years. For an industry-wide approach, the collaboration of the three companies mentioned is a real blessing. Because they almost completely cover the operating system platforms area. Besides Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS and iOS, and Google’s Chrome OS and Android, there is really no other platform that is used to any significant extent.

Everywhere FIDO

“Any viable solution must be more secure, simpler, and faster than the passwords and traditional multi-factor authentication methods used today. Working together as a community across platforms, we can finally achieve this vision and make significant progress toward the elimination of passwords,” said Alex Simons, responsible for identity management solutions at Microsoft.

In the future, when users choose the FIDO method to register for an online service, a key pair is generated on the respective device, which is associated, for example, with biometric factors – such as facial recognition or a fingerprint. The login details are then also synchronized with the user’s other systems so that you can, for example, authenticate on your smartphone and then access the relevant service directly on your PC. ecosystem from a provider because they use, for example, a MacBook and an iPhone, cooperation between the different manufacturers is necessary.

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