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Millions Gather In The US To Witness Total Solar Eclipse

After 99 years a total solar eclipse would be experienced in the United States, with Charleston, South Carolina the last state in the continent to observe it. People started gathering in Charleston on Sunday, ready to experience the solar eclipse. All areas from restaurants to roads were jammed packed.

The eclipse is being called “Great American Eclipse”. The excitement is at its peak in the US as the moon would cover the sun for half an hour as it travels on a journey across the US. It would move from the northwest side of US to southeast giving a remarkable solar view to the people.

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A bar owner Chaz Wendell said, “It has been crazy since Friday night.” “This is probably going to be our busiest weekend all year.”

A housewife said, “We’re very excited.” She and her children have solar glasses to experience solar eclipse in open area.

Deirdre Duignan, visiting Oregon from Dublin, Ireland said, “This is the trip of a lifetime.” “It will be one of those moments that will just take your breath away.”

Eclipse themed shirts are also sold with titles like “Keep Calm and Stare at the Sun.”

Yes, people are excited to experience solar eclipse but what about the weather. The weather forecast suggests clouds and dispersed thunderstorm in the time when eclipse is due.

As per American Astronomical Society, 12 million people inhabiting in 14 US States would witness a total solar eclipse while many others would experience a partial eclipse.

Now experts have warned the people not to look directly at the solar eclipse or it might cause permanent blindness in their vision.

Also, precautions are being taken by certain local government offices. They are closing early so that the workers don’t have to drive during the solar eclipse.

Around 2 million visitors are expected to be in the US to experiences eclipse, let’s hope bad weather does not come as a disappointment for them.