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Taxi Drivers protest against Careem and Uber in Islamabad

Yesterday Taxi drivers from around the capital territory got together to demonstrate a protest rally against online cab services including Careem and Uber.

The cab drivers are worried about their diminishing income and the rise of online taxi services, they said their potential income is continuously decreasing due to these ride hailing services. The drivers urged to limit the number of vehicles in Careem’s and Uber’s fleet which would promote fair competition.

Rawalpindi City police cracking down on tinted car windows

Increasing number of cars and drivers working for Careem and Uber would create more chaos among Taxi drivers.

Activists from Taxi Drivers Association (TDA) organized a rally of 50 to 60 taxis to take part in the protest; the rally began at Faizabad interchange and ended at Bani Gala.

The protest went violent at Rawal Chowk when some protesters shattered the windows of some cars reportedly belonging to ride-hailing companies.

The protest campaign was also carried out in other parts of the country, Taxi drivers and rickshaw drivers staged the protests claiming the “online companies” have affected their business severely.

Punjab Transport Authority (PTA) earlier said, the online companies are registering private cars with their operations which is against the law therefore, the companies should be banned from operating in the country.

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  1. Careem and Uber should allow taxi drivers to work with them so that they don’t have to face illiterate taxi drivers violence against their Captains/Drivers. They are creating jobs whilst offering a great service for less.

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