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Mobile Phone Imports Down By 5.78 Percent During 2017

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During the Fiscal year, 2016-17 mobile imports in Pakistan has been decreased by 5.78 percent as compared to the same prior period. Mobile phones import this year was recorded $709.69 million whereas in the previous period the imports were $753.22 million according to the statistics from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Moreover, if we count on a monthly basis, the imports were up by 12.02 percent in June 2017. May 2017 also witnessed hike by 9.97 percent, last year June 2016 was also up as compared to all previous periods.

In June 2017 imports recorded $72.55 million as compared to May 2017 which was $64.76 and in June 2016 it was recorded $65.97 million.

Apart from mobile phone the overall telecom sector imports reduced by 0.38 percent from July 2016 to June 2017 and from $1.361 billion to $1.361 billion.

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Similarly, like mobile phones, telecom imports also had a little downward trend in June 2017 which was recorded at $102.796 million as compared to May 2017 which was $117.618. In June 2016 total telecom imports were $104.441 which shows a decrease of 12.6 percent in June 2017 and 1.58 percent in June 2016.

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