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Moderators of Facebook Groups can now shadowban members


Moderators of Facebook Groups could before long get more room in controlling who sees the comments made on their discussions. The US Patent Office today allowed Facebook a patent for content moderation that would give mediators a chance to restrict viewership of posts by “problem” users. Gizmodo, which detailed the news, portrayed it as a patent for “shadowbanning.” The organization, alongside other internet social media giants like Twitter and Instagram, have been blamed by commentators for participating in the act of furtively limiting who sees a client’s content.

Be that as it may, a more intensive take at the patent’s cases appears to depict an element that is explicitly intended to help administrators and moderators of Facebook pages and groups cut down on hate content, instead of a site-wide move towards censorship on the down-low. The method outlined in the patent seems geared towards “proscribed content,” or posts containing “profanity, offensive content, insensitive content, derogatory content and racial slurs,” states the claim.  Any arbitrator or administrator who happens upon a hate comment would then have the option to confine the quantity of views that see it by constraining the comment’s crowd to the original poster and their companions.

The wording of the patent goes on to state as such: “In one embodiment, the blocked comments are not displayed to the forum users. However, the blocked comment may be displayed to the commenting user and his or her friends within the social networking system. As such, the offending user may not be aware that his or her comment is not displayed to other users of the forum.”

Facebook is regularly blamed for being too moderate to even think about removing or limit hateful content on its stage, which is the reason a site-wide move towards shadowbanning appears to be strange. The online networking giant has officially expressed that it stows away or blocks content that abuses its Community Standards. Be that as it may, content moderation isn’t exclusively Facebook’s activity. As of now, Facebook arbitrators and administrators can choose to affirm or deny individual posts by members.

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