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Monthly Packages Now Offered By Careem

Careem bundles

Careem Pakistan has faced a lot of controversy due to its Rishta Aunty Service drama and Pizza Hut fake discount issue. In the midst of all the issues, finally, a feature has been introduced by the ride hailing app through which you can buy monthly packages and save money by paying for the month in advance. The advantage of this package would be that money would be saved through bulk discount and consumers wouldn’t have to encounter peak surcharges.

Presently you are offered three types of packages through Careem. It is divided by km that are 100, 200 and 400. The prices as per the kilometers are 2,400, 3,520, 8,100 rupees respectively. The packages are just part of Go Plus service.

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The money that users would be able to save for 100km, 200km, and 400km is 5%, 10%, and 15% respectively.

Also, Careem has decided to add a membership which would allow members to get priority with reference to the charges.

As for Careem, this step of monthly packages is the advancement and it might be an effort to remove the criticism Careem had been facing recently due to its high fares.

So all the daily users of Careem look up the packages now offered by it and make your life easier and simpler