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Samsung Replaces Intel As The Largest Chipmaker In The World

Intel has been replaced by Samsung as the largest chipmaker in the world. Intel held the largest chipmaker position for last 24 years.

In chip sales, Intel’s earnings were $14.76 billion while Samsung received revenue of $15.8 billion at the same time.  The reason for this difference is mainly due to the fact that Samsung makes chips for various gadgets while Intel only design chips for its personal computers. Samsung chips are embedded in cell phones, smart vehicles, and IoT.

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True that Intel was the biggest chip maker in the world since 1992 but times have changed. Not many people use personal computers in this fast paced technologically advanced world. So the decline in Intel Chips is understandable. Moreover, Samsung is planning on investing $18 billion more in its chip making business.

Intel in this competitive age has claimed that the next release of its Cannon Lake 10 nanometer chips would have double transistors, which would again make Intel the best chipmaker around the world. How effective this claim would be and whether Samsung would be able to retain its position, time would tell.