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Motorcycle Ambulances Launched In Lahore

The government of Punjab has launched new motorcycle ambulance service in Lahore to provide better health services to the community. Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the new motorcycle ambulance service in the provincial capital. This ambulance service will function under Rescue 1122.

This is a great step by Punjab Government as it will help those people living in rural areas of Lahore where ambulance services can’t be reached. A bike would be able to reach to those remote localities.

Chief Minister inaugurated the three-day Pak Medical, Health and Cosmetic Fair at Expo Centre and said: “For the first time, timely first-aid will be available to people in congested areas where ambulances cannot reach.”

Now currently the service is launched in Lahore but soon this service will also be given in 9 divisional headquarters of the province. Yamaha and Honda bikes will be used for this purpose.

Shahbaz Sharif at the inauguration ceremony said that the riders’ whole will run the bike will be equipped to give first aid to the patient and also prepare the normal ambulance to meet that at nearest point. From there the ambulance will take the patient to the hospital.

900 first responders are organized by the government for this job.

The reason for starting motorcycle ambulance services is because bikes can urgently rush through narrow streets and small or poorly maintained roads. This will ensure that a patient gets to the hospital despite the ill condition of roads. This idea first emerged from UK, Turkey & Japan bike ambulances models. We hope it will be a success in Pakistan as well.

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