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Xiaomi launched its very own fitness band

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Xiaomi’s growing its portfolio in the fitness market with yet another contraption for remaining fit as a fiddle.

The “Move It” is a savvy flexible fitness band, otherwise called the exercise resistance band. It is an extraordinary bit of hardware to stay aware of strength training schedules or rehabilitation programs.

The fitness band offers an assortment of sizes, lengths, and qualities and includes the accompanying features:

  • It is composed of three parts: a smart handle, an elastic rope, and an elastic rope device
  • It is equipped with a charging cable as well as a charging port
  • It can be used to achieve 30 different movements
  • It is suited for strengthening the legs, back, shoulders, arms as well as for cellulite shaping

How does the Xiaomi fitness band work?

The Move It band accompanies three substantial sensors. The primary sensor assumes the part of being the touch detector with a specific end goal to recognize the hand each time it touches the handlebar.

The second is a six-axis sensor devoted to recognizing the handle posture while the third is a rally sensor intended to distinguish flexible rope pressure.

This band likewise gives its wearer a chance to monitor their progress of the fitness regime, as it accompanies Bluetooth 4.0 that can be utilized to interface with a mobile application.

The app acts as a 24-hour online personal trainer and shall provide the user with:

  • A notification in case of completion of a fitness schedule
  • Suggestions of the correct movement posture
  • Identification of whether an exercise is being done correctly or not
  • A record of the consumption of each calorie
  • A private customization plan
  • A health menu etc.

The 549 Yuan ($83), “Move It” elastic exercise resistance band accompanies an inherent 500 mAh lithium-particle battery. The battery can be completely charged in 3 hours and has a most extreme use time of up to 8 hours.

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