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Motorola MA1 to be launched internationally

If you wish to add wireless Android Auto to your device, the Motorola MA1 is the best and most efficient option you can have. Although dongles were popular among US people, they weren’t widely available in the markets. Although Motorola aimed to turn this around and is willing to sell it in the UK along with many others in Europe,

As per reports from 9to5Google, emails were sent to customers by the company regarding the worldwide release of MA1. Although we don’t know the price range for the UK yet, for Amazon in the UK and Germany, the product is already listed at a price of €90. It’s still unknown if the product will be available on other market platforms, but as per its presence on Amazon, American’s launch footsteps might be followed.

Although this is a simple release, it is still comparable with the presence of an AAWireless dongle, as it contains an app setup that makes it quite easier to choose. AAWireless was the only available option in Europe before the release of MA1.

Most contemporary automobiles will support wireless Android Auto, though it can be difficult to tell which ones do and which don’t. Check out this tutorial to learn how Android Auto works and which car models support it if you’re unsure whether your vehicle is compatible with it.

Although not all automakers support Android Auto, it provides a fantastic opportunity to take control of your car’s infotainment system. According to GM, its upcoming EVs won’t enable it and will instead provide a different option. Given that Android Auto isn’t flawless, some may be on board, but it’s reasonable to believe that the majority want the freedom to decide.