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Motorola Razr is Back

Motorola Razr

As per the reports of media, Motorola has made the announcement of a new iconic version of its Razr flip phone. The phone would be made available for sale in the United States from January.

The new Razr is one of the costliest phones the company has ever made. It would cost $1,499.99 which makes nearly Rs.235,000.

The phone has got 2 screens which are made to work in unison. It is 2.7 inches when closed. Upon unfolding it becomes a large 6.2-inch phone. The phone has got a 6 GB RAM and 12 GB of the internal storage space.

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It has got a 16 mega pixel back camera and 5 mega pixel front camera.

The new Razr is far more than just a known brand name. It is a true ancestor of the original flip phone, with a design that is heavily inspired by its 2004 processor, and at the down right side there is a big curved chin—which now also hosts a more modern fingerprint sensor and a USB-C charging port.

This phone is the company’s attempt to build a modern-day flagship phone the likes of which it has not tried to make in years.

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