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Motorola RAZR video was made by Waqar Khan instead of Lenovo

Motorola RAZR

Recently, Lenovo shared a shot video for the reputed foldable Motorola RAZR. While the 30-second teaser was imparted to individuals from the media amid a gathering and was joined by the Lenovo logo, it gives the idea that the organization utilized video from a fan and marketed it as its own. The video that was played by Lenovo was really spliced together from a render made by tech YouTuber Waqar Khan. As indicated by Khan,
According to Khan, he didn’t give Lenovo permission to use the concept images that he created.

The clip Lenovo showed to the press yesterday has all the earmarks of being cut together from various renders that were first found in a video titled “Motorola RAZR 2019 – Introduction and First Look!” that was transferred to by Khan to YouTube on February ninth of this current year. A significant number of the pictures in Lenovo’s video are indistinguishable to those that show up in Khan’s, and it even resembles Khan’s Twitter handle watermark is as yet present in the video shared by Lenovo. Be that as it may, Lenovo’s video closes with the organization’s logo, making it look like an official item.

Notwithstanding Lenovo’s branding showing up on the recording, Khan affirmed that he was not informed about it and they used it without his consent.

Now, it’s not clear whether there really is a foldable Motorola RAZR in transit. A patent for such a gadget surfaced recently, which started bits of gossip the telephone could be coming sooner rather than later. In January, The Wall Street Journal detailed a foldable RAZR reboot with a normal $1,500 sticker price was in progress. Leaked pictures as far as anyone knows flaunting the gadget sprung up online a month ago. Be that as it may, Lenovo’s utilization of a fan-made render needs to make one marvel if the foldable RAZR is genuine or if the organization is simply getting a charge out of some consideration from individuals nostalgic for the cherished telephone.

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