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Samsung’s First 5G Phone Hits the Market

Samsung has launched its first 5G phone. Samsung Galaxy S10 worth $1300 has hit the Verizon market. The Verizon customers in Chicago and Minneapolis will now be able to purchase Samsung’s First 5G phone. The phone will operate on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Later on, the phone will launch in other cities on Verizon as well. Also as the year proceeds it will operate with other carriers like Sprint, and AT&T.

5G is the latest internet technology that will enable improved video streaming and it will offer technical advancements like connecting self-driving cars.

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The launch of the Samsung 5G phone will help the carriers in testing the service. It will create the basis for future iterations of 5G devices.

The display of the phone is 6.7-inch having six camera lenses which includes a dual-front camera equipped with a 3D-depth lens. There are two storage options available in the phone that are 256GB or 512GB. It comes in silver or black.

For Verizon customers, the price of the device is $1300. A Verizon store representative in Chicago and another in Minneapolis has confirmed that the 5G device is available for sale at their locations.

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