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Movano introduces a smart ring specifically for female users

Movano is a healthcare company. Recently, it has tested out its first-ever smart ring, the Evie. This ring is specifically designed for females. It can help users with health, fitness, as well as cycle tracks. It appears like a competitor to the Oura and other wearable health-tracking gadgets. The company promises to provide more details about the product at CES 2023.

Although the ring made its appearance at CES 2022. But by that time no name was attributed to the product. It is now expected that the ring will be available for sale at some point in 2023. It is expected to be priced at $300. Although, the date of release and price has not been officially confirmed.

Similar to the Oura ring and wearables from other tech companies, Movano offers the following health services:

  • It can measure heart rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Level of oxygen in the blood
  • Steps
  • Calories
  • Ovulation and menstrual cycle tracking
  • Sleep and more

The company stated that the device will meet the standards of medical device manufacturing. Moreover, the users could get expert advice within the app. However, the device is yet to get approval from FDA. Given its specifications and functionality, it is expected to be a medical-grade device. The company claims that the device successfully completed the trials for hypoxia in October 2022. Given its features, the device is expected to go beyond other wearables.

The company claims that the device will act both as a health tracker as well as a fitness tracker. The company mentioned in a press release that it will provide a complete picture of overall health. Furthermore, the company has stated that it won’t compromise the security and privacy of the data. Followed by FDA approvals, the release date will be announced. Initially, the smart ring will be introduced in the US. Afterward, it might make its appearance across other markets. Well, we will learn more details about the device at CES 2023.