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ChatGPT could be used for cheating

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Artificial intelligence is penetrating nearly every field. It has made its place in the education sector too. Recently, ChatGPT was introduced. ChatGPT is an AI bot. It is produced by OpenAI. It is capable of providing answers to questions in just a short time. Due to this tech concerns have been rising in the teachers’ community. Although the solutions by ChatGPT are not perfect they are sufficient in accordance with what a teacher expects from a student.

Recently, in South Carolina, a student utilizing ChatGPT was caught by a college professor. The recent development has left the education sector in a panic. Since it has created a new possible form of cheating. As per ChatGPT, the platform is capable of writing an essay just like a 12th grader. It utilizes some sort of strange and odd wording that makes it clear. ChatGPT added that the biot writes a similar sample as when someone is taught for the first time before they find out their unique writing style. 

Reportedly Professor Hick utilized the software developed by ChatGPT produces in order to identify the falsified work. He wanted to figure out whether the written response was generated by AI or by the student. The results depicted a 99.9% similarity. Dissimilar to the traditional plagiarism detection software, no citations matched. Thus, ensuring that the ChatGPT has not produced the work. This made the case nearly impossible to prove.

This event provokes the fears and worries relevant to the vast use of AI chatbots for cheating. Since it becomes way too difficult to identify and limit it as the bot produces original content. Given these advancements in AI, professors need to be cautious about the efficiency and performance of these tools to keep up with the reliability and integrity of higher education.

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