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Mrklin: Now also significant price increases for model railways


Nerds and technology enthusiasts have already faced high prices for many IT products in recent times. And now one of their most popular offline hobbies is also getting more expensive: the model train manufacturer Mrklin has announced price increases. Florian Sieber, the managing partner of the parent company Simba Dickie Group, spoke of a significant price increase in the purchase of materials at the presentation of the latest company figures. According to a report from a news agency, these have not yet been fully passed on to the market DPA. But that’s going to change now. It remains to be seen what increases consumers can expect here – there will be no blanket measures. However, in some areas it can be as high as 20 percent – and that is especially true for electronic toys, which certainly also includes some product areas of the modeling industry.

Corona breathes new life into the hobby

Anyone toying with the idea of ​​making larger purchases in the near future should act quickly. Goods containing electronic components or manufactured abroad are becoming more expensive. Because in addition to semiconductor components, it is also the sharply increased costs for the use of sea containers that exert price pressure. The corona pandemic had given model railway specialist Mrklin a new impulse. After the number of customers fell for a long time, many consumers remembered the classic hobby in the days of contact restrictions and reduced leisure activities and started running small trains again and building landscapes around them. Mrklin managed to increase its turnover slightly last year and, after the surprisingly good previous year, now amounted to 130 million euros. See also: The model railway was almost dead – now the Corona tree is there Rail, model railway, model railway



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