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Nearby Share will now let you share files between Android & macOS

Although there are several means that will let you share any kind of data with another person, But sometimes you just prefer sharing it directly using your device over any other means. Google has introduced various kinds of solutions for that similarity. but it was somehow limited in terms of Android to Android to some extent. Sharing data between Android and macOS always requires the involvement of a third-party app to make that possible. The latest open-source app, NearDrop, was created to make it easier to share files between macOS and Android. Gregory K created this app using a reverse engineering process with Google’s nearby sharing.

However, this new technology will only let you send files on your macOS, and you are unable to send files from your mac to your phone just yet. This will only work if both devices are connected to the same network. Also, sharing through this medium is only limited to Wi-Fi; all other means like Bluetooth or any other standards are not supported.

Also, this app can be harmful as it can be downloaded from the web instead of a proper internet source like app stores. Although it doesn’t require any access to your Google account, nor will it take any unnecessary permissions,

Sharing files via NearDrop

To install NearDrop, go to the project’s GitHub page, download the most recent ZIP file, and then move it to the programs folder on your Mac. The app won’t launch by default on macOS because you obtained it from the internet. For this reason, choose Open from the context menu when you right-click NearDrop in the folder to get around it.

Make sure your phone and the macOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network after the app is up and running. Selecting the file you wish to share is followed by tapping the share button on your phone and choosing the Nearby Share icon at the top of the share sheet. Wait for the target to show up in Nearby Share on your macOS device now. It might take a while to be available on your Mac.

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