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Net Neutrality War And Protest Continues

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Net Neutrality protest continues by various tech organizations including Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The companies started their online protest campaign since yesterday, opposing the Net Neutrality in the United States, Net Neutrality rules restrict ISP’s and Broadband providers to sell internet services which have controlled access. Rather the internet service should be equal for all.

Supporting the cause of Net Neutrality reversal, more than 100,000 websites and business owners including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, video streaming site Netflix and matchmaking site OKCupid are creating ads, posts, videos and banners aimed at jolting the public to support the removal of Net Neutrality rules incorporated in 2015 during Obama administration.

Net neutrality is basically a term which refers to “access to the internet freely” without any restrictions and impositions by ISP’s such as Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast. The rules developed during the Obama administration in 2015, prohibits ISP’s and broadband providers to sell services in different categories or imposing any restriction on the internet and content, speed lane to public will be given equally, moreover, restrictions, such as blockage of some specific content, blocking access to the web applications of competitors, speeding up or slowing down of content coming from other service providers is not allowed. In simple words, Net neutrality rules don’t allow internet service providers to take control of the internet and restrict content and services according to their desires.

Net neutrality rules that were imposed in 2015, were challenged and opposed by the head of U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Under Trump’s administration, FCC head Ajit Pai wants to reverse the Net neutrality rules, started from May the campaign is now getting severe.

During his speech Pai said, “Do we want the government to control the internet or do we want a light-touch approach which was working since 1996 till 2015”


At C.Hill Press conference, Democrats and internet companies expressed their concerns and said, “Internet companies could slow down the speeds”, “the internet is under attack”, said Senator Edward Markey.

Markey said, “We would not let this happen, a free and open internet access is our right and we will fight to defend it.”

Top ISP’s and broadband providers including AT&T Inc and Verizon acknowledged the public support for net neutrality, they said that they are also in favor of open internet, but they opposed 2015’s net neutrality order and emphasized that could lead to government level regulation.


Online Net Neutrality Protest

On Wednesday more than 80,000  websites protested against the suggestion forwarded by FCC, the removal of Net Neutrality, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit were flocked with posts and comments opposing the FCC agenda with hashtag #netneutrality.


AT&T Verizon and other Internet services and broadband providers have shown some double standards, on one hand, they say they support the net neutrality but they are not in the favor of “Net Neutrality” Rules applied in 2015.

What does this mean? It clearly indicates that they are supporting FCC agenda in which they will be able to play around with internet services and impose restrictions according to the rules having more control over the services which will allow them to generate more revenues with different speed packages, content packages and much more. In fact ISP’s would like to live with some regulations as FCC is demanding according to wired.