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Netflix Is Planning New Elder Scrolls TV Series

Elder Scrolls

Netflix was recently able to celebrate great success with The Witcher and the streaming service has apparently got a taste for gaming and fantasy films. Because after an Assassin’s Creed series a The Elder Scrolls implementation is now in preparation.

Strictly speaking, The Witcher is of course not a pure film adaptation or series implementation of a game, because the game is based on the Witcher novels by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Nevertheless, the Geralt saga became known to the general public primarily through the CD Projekt Red game series, and most people associate the successful Netflix series with the game trilogy.

Of course, the Netflix efforts in the fantasy area also have to do with the fact that the entire industry is currently looking for a Game of Thrones successor or has since enjoyed this genre. So it is not surprising that not only novels are searched for material, but also games.

Industry insider Daniel Richtman is currently reporting that Netflix is ​​currently preparing an adaptation of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls universe. Other details or even an official confirmation are not yet available, but it is anything but a secret that Netflix is ​​currently looking for material in the games area.

Five gaming-related projects

Game Informer writes that you can’t directly confirm a The Elder Scrolls series, but you know that five-game adaptations are in the works at Netflix. A representative of the streaming service told the game magazine that there was a project that Game Informer would “like very much”.

This is of course only a cautious hint for a The Elder Scrolls production, but the popularity of the RPG series and its huge world make it a hot candidate for a TV series. A guarantee that the series will actually appear is not a preliminary “work” anyway, because many projects don’t even make it to a pilot episode.