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Netflix Launches Fund for the Actors and Crew Members

This Friday, Netflix initiated a fund of $100 million in order to help out the production crew and actors who suffered a great hit in their paychecks after the spread of coronavirus.

The streaming service aims to help them in their offset hardship mostly to those workers of Netflix which are facing financial trouble all over the globe says Ted Sarandos Netflix Chief content officer.

He further adds that these workers have always helped out Netflix through the good and bad times and now it’s our turn to help them in their difficult phase while the government out there is struggling to provide economic support.

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Netflix is finding out ways to distribute funds among them. On the other hand, another company named the Silicon Valley-based company had already suspended the cast and crew but they have kept them on the payroll for an additional 2 weeks.

Sarandos says that mostly all the film productions and television have stopped working due to which many cast and crew members have become jobless.

Mostly affected ones are hair and makeup artists, carpenters, electricians, drivers and so on. These people work on a project to project basis and are paid with hourly wages.

Netflix has decided to send 15 million to the non-profit groups and organizations so that they provide urgent relief to those jobless crew members and actors in the country.

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