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WhatsApp Fake Message Provides 3 Months Free Access To Netflix


A letter on WhatsApp has been making rounds of rumors and fake news that provides users with free access to Netflix for 3 months amid a Coronavirus crisis, and obviously it’s fake.

“Hi! Netflix gives 3 months of free access during COVID19 – here is your personal invitation from me:” This is how the letter begins, which is currently making the rounds and jumping on the topic of coronavirus. Find out exactly what is behind the message and what you should do with this WhatsApp message or Facebook.

Forwarded letters on WhatsApp and Facebook not only spam the chats and chronicles senselessly but also lead to all kinds of confusion. After all, there are a considerable number of WhatsApp and Facebook users who believe the nonsense and keep it alive. Of course, these users have no bad intentions. Still, it is annoying.

There is also a lot of thought in the new forwarded letter. Netflix is ​​said to offer 3 months of free access during COVID-19. Fraudsters take the current fear issue as an occasion to encourage consumers to click.

Because there is nothing in the letter. In advance, we would, therefore, like to clearly tell you again that Netflix has nothing to do with sending the message. The streaming provider is misused here with a name and logo. This causes damage to Netflix.

Stop the letter by not forwarding it any further.

This is what the letter looks like on WhatsApp and Facebook

“The fact is that the current situation is a real challenge for some families. You should never leave your home or apartment to minimize the risk of infection. Some consumers will be bored because they don’t know what to do at home. Streaming on Netflix series and films is a nice change. It would be nice if you didn’t have to pay anything for it”. But just like the fake emails on behalf of Netflix, the letter is a fake. This is the wording of the WhatsApp letter or Facebook posts

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