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Netflix Starts Improved TV Subtitles


Netflix streaming services are a blessing for fans of foreign language content because all content is usually available in English and Co. at the push of a button. Subtitles are important here because, for many, this support is essential – and these are now getting better.

There are certainly many here who prefer to watch films and series on Netflix in the original because, after all, actors have no more important “tool” than their own voices. However, it is not always easy to understand what is being said (also for many native speakers, by the way) and this is where subtitles are particularly important and helpful.

Easier handling of subtitles on Netflix

Up to now, however, changing the way the subtitles are displayed, including the size, font, and opacity, has been a bit of a hassle. Because for adjustments, users had to log into their user account via browser and make the respective changes there in the profile settings. If you want to do this while a video is playing, you can’t do it “live” – ​​you had to start the browser, which was cumbersome.

But as The Verge now reports, Netflix has now announced a change to this. This makes it possible to make these changes easily and quickly during the stream. For this purpose, there is a cog wheel in the pop-up menu area at the bottom, which can be used to change the size (to small, medium, and large), and the style can also be modified in four preset options (to color, shadow and background).

Convenient handling of subtitles is certainly a good thing as they help in enjoying original content. As mentioned, this also applies to those who speak English. The reason for this is that many films and series are anything but well mixed for streaming and it is therefore always difficult to understand what is being said purely acoustically.

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