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Netflix testing new service to introduce ‘Ultra Subscription Tier’

After the Premium subscription, Netflix might be introducing new tier ‘Ultra’ in their subscriptions options. Netflix has basic, standard and Premium subscriptions options at the moment but according to an Italian blog, the Netflix is adding the whole new tier plan for users.

The company has plans starting at $7.99 Basic, $10.99 Standard and $13.99 Premium. The basic plan allows users to watch Netflix on one device, the Standard plan allows two devices while Premium allows four devices, the devices can be anything TVs, Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets.

Smita Saran, a Netflix spokesperson said in an email, “We regularly test new ideas at Netflix, in this case, we are testing some different price points and features to deeply analyze how customers value Netflix.”

Not all the subscribers of Netflix would be able to see tests and the company may not offer different price plans and features while they are under the testing phase, Saran added.

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However, the ‘Ultra’ subscription plan might affect some of the elements of Premium plan, said PhoneArena, and definitely that could be the case. If Netflix is going to squeeze a new plan it will snatch some key features from Premium plan as well, it could be possible that Premium plan would see a price increase while adding the features that are not much valued or Premium plan would see price cut while cutting the features as well, else it might remain the same but which is not very likely to happen.

However, some Italian users claim that ‘promotional material’ from Netflix inferring that Standard and Premium plans would receive features cut when the new Ultra plan would be introduced, limiting Premium plan screens allowance to two from four and for the Standard plan to one display only.

The reports also claim that Ultra plan would be priced at 16.99 Euros which is equivalent of $19.80.

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