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Neuralink’s Brain Chip Will Be Unveiled This Week

Alan Musk’s company Neuralink was working on a microchip that could be implanted in the human brain. Now there is big news in this regard. Alan Musk has finally announced that the chip is ready and the first demo of the chip will be shown to the world this week on Friday. According to Independent UK, this brain chip will have ten times shorter threads than human hair, which will be connected to the human brain through a small implant. Computer scientists have dubbed it the “Brain-Computer Interface”, but it is simply called the “Brain Chip”.

With the help of this chip, a person will be able to get rid of various physical and mental diseases and with the help of this, people who speak different languages ​​will be able to talk to each other. This chip can also overcome visual impairment and the brain can solve any problem that occurs. In a way, this chip will eliminate languages ​​from the world because once it becomes common, the language will not matter and even people who speak different languages ​​will be able to talk to each other with the help of this chip.


Alan Musk once said of the chip in an interview: “I don’t know what the future holds for languages ​​after this chip. I think languages ​​will run out or maybe they will just be used to express emotions. If a person wants to speak many different languages ​​with the help of this chip, all he has to do is download a program in those languages ​​and he will start speaking those languages ​​fluently.

The Real Catch

There is an aspect of this which is why this chip is being criticized and it is being called controversial. Experts who oppose the chip say that the chip can be easily hacked, so the secrets in the human mind will not be safe after the chip is common. Hackers will gain access to countries’ intelligence, military secrets, etc., and the consequences will be catastrophic.