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New astrophotography and multi-exposure feature added to Galaxy S22 series

Samsung is delivering the best it can to its flagship smartphones. By the start of this week, Samsung introduced the first stable One UI 5 based on Android 13 to the Galaxy S22 series.

The updates to the flagship products now comprise the new camera features. Quite recently, the flagship smartphones received a new Camera Assistant app. The Camera Assistant app enables the users to access additional settings of the camera.

As of now, the new update involves the unveiling of a new Expert RAW camera app. The Expert RAW camera app is accompanied by multi-exposure support and astrophotography features. Isn’t it great and intriguing?

Combined with the new Camera Assistant app, users will enjoy easy access to additional camera settings.

How does the astrophotography and multi-exposure features work?

The new Expert RAW camera feature is accompanied by a Sky guide feature. The Sky Guide feature helps the users to locate constellations, groups of stars, and solar systems as well as a nebula in the night sky. The camera utilizes modern AI algorithms. It also relies on multi-frame processing and multi-segmentation features. All these features combined help capture amazing shots of constellations, stars, and other such objects visible in the night sky.

In addition to the Expert RAW camera, new Multiple exposures are an added feature. This feature enables multiple image captures at the same time. The multiple images are then combined using the Overlay mode to produce one enhanced shot. Moreover, this feature allows the users to superimpose multiple images. Thus, generating artistic images.

Both new features are available in the beat version for the Galaxy S22 series. Update the latest release on your device. Access the Special Photo option in the app settings to enable the latest features mode.

Download the latest Expert RAW update from the Galaxy Store on your Galaxy S22 series and enjoy the latest updates and features.