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Samsung’s new Camera Assistant app is equipped with some more advanced controls

For the Galaxy smartphone, a new app termed Camera Assistant has been released by Samsung. It has been introduced as a segment of the Good Lock suite of personalization apps of the company. It is expected to offer more enhanced features while using the camera.

As of now, the new update has been released in South Korea, India, and some other markets. The app has been introduced via the Galaxy Store. Users can access the Galaxy Store and get the features updated.

The Camera Assistant app is equipped with some advanced options for the camera. Thus, enabling the users to enhance their camera experience. This is definitely an upgradation of what the stock camera app already has. The new Camera Assistant app features:

  • automatic lens switching is used when shooting subjects that are away from the user
  • soft photo texture (to soften details in the image for creativity)
  • option to enable/disable automatic HDR

Additionally, the new upgrade offers several benefits. Some of these are listed below:

  1. allows users to shoot videos while using the Photo mode
  2. holding the shutter button shoots the video
  3. set the number of images that you need to capture while using the timer
  4. the camera turns off automatically after two minutes if unused
  5. Quick Shot option [thus, reducing the motion blur in still images]

Furthermore, Samsung notes that users might experience somewhat a slight degradation in the quality of images. But it could be used best while shooting for pets, fast-moving objects, and babies. Previously, complaints about camera blur on Samsung phones were noticed. Perhaps with this update, this issue might get resolved.

In addition to various other specifications, a clean video output on external monitors while connecting with an HDMI cable is received. It hides the camera menus as well s buttons. Under the Camera Assistant section, these features will be visible as part of the stock camera app’s settings.

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