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New design of the Windows Task Manager In Windows 11 Insider Build Appears


Windows 11 insider build has already started, and things are being exposed now as som resourceful leakers have come across a new design for the Task Manager in latest Windows 11 Insider Preview. First images now show the refreshed look of the process and resource display.

Microsoft is making an effort to get rid of legacy apps that is their core arrangement in the latest updates and future endeavours. While popular apps like Notepad, Photos and Paint have already received a changed look and integrations in the past, the task manager is now also on the developers’ agenda. Once again, it is, among others, the leaker FireCube on twitter has posted on OnMSFT, revealing the new design: “It’s hidden and mostly broken, but it confirms that Microsoft is working on the Task Manager redesign,” the Twitter user said.

Task Manager has changed a lot

Actually, it seems that the new design of the Task Manager in Windows 11 can only be achieved with the help of Insider Preview build 22538 and ViveTools Instructions can be forced. As was to be expected, the visuals now feature contemporary WinUI elements and the familiar mica effect. In addition, Microsoft says goodbye to classic tabs and relies on a sidebar in the current dev version, as users already know from the current settings menu. What the old Task Manager lacks is used in the new design – the Dark Mode.

The developers also implemented a new resource display seen in the upper area, which exactly tells about the importance of the processor, RAM, network, hard drive and SSD memory and the graphics card in every menu. However, we are unclear so far, whether Microsoft will be able to complete work on the new Windows 11 Task Manager by the next major “Sun Valley 2” update (22H2) late this summer.